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Created in 2012, the Quebec Association of Special Care Counsellors (QASCC) is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of special education in Quebec. The Association was created from the unification of the professional associations in special education, known in French as: “Regroupement des Associations professionnelles de l’éducation spécialisée” (RQAPES). It has been solicited by several public and private institutions to clarify the professional actions of Special Care Counsellors in order to validate their reference framework in the field of special education.

The provincial government has approached the QASCC for their participation in the committee of the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS), due to the Special Care Counsellors’ active participation in their intervention with children who have Dysphasia. Our participation on the committee was to contribute to the Clinical Practice Guidelines "Organization of Continuum and Provision of Services to Children 2 to 9 Years of Age with Developmental Language Disorder (Primary Language Disorder)".

The QASCC has been asked by the Quebec Public Health Association (ASPQ) to participate in a group of experts on bullying with regard to weight in elementary school. The association also acts as a consultant to different employers (CIUSSS, CISSS and school boards) in relation to the description of the tasks and the role of Special Care Counsellors.

As the only association of Special Care Counsellors officially recognized by the Quebec government, the QASCC examines the interests of its members and gives them access to an array of exclusive benefits and services, thereby contributing to the growth of the profession.

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