Code of Conduct

A code of conduct should contain explicit general principles combined with specific rules of conduct that set reasonable expectations and provide a basis for making informed decisions.

Quebec's major terminological dictionary defines ethics as "the set of rules and duties that govern a profession, the conduct of those who practice it, and the relationship between them and their clients or the public. Rules of good conduct constituting the morals of a profession".

According to the Office des professions, the purpose of a code of conduct is to establish standards of conduct. The purpose of this framework is to prevent certain behaviours that could lead to a loss of public confidence. For this reason, ethical rules are intended to minimise the possibility of misunderstandings about what is acceptable behaviour. It also informs us that other organizations, other than professional orders, may adopt a Code of Conduct. Lobbyists, the Chambre de la sécurité financière, claims adjusters, Régie du logement regulators, police officers and members of the National Assembly have adopted a code of conduct.

You can now download your copy of the Code of Conduct.

The QASCC presents this abridged version of the Competency Framework created by Éduconseil Inc. for the Association. The creation of the Competency Framework related to the practice of the Special Care Counselling profession in Quebec is an essential part of a QASCC project which aims to promote excellence in the field of special education.

The association worked to produce an official document that presents the profession in a realistic and complete way and that would serve as an essential reference to accomplish its mission as a professional association as well as to support its members through their professional responsibilities. The Association also wishes that the Competency Framework serves as a guide in the context of the creation of a professional order dedicated to the profession.

You can now download your copy of the Competency Framework.

The Quebec Association of Special Care Counsellors (QASCC) wishes to contribute to the broad reflection undertaken by the Commission by formally submitting this brief.

Our brief addresses the roles played by Special Care Counsellors as well as our analysis of the current issues regarding the services to be offered to children and families who are very vulnerable. Finally, it suggests possible solutions and makes certain recommendations. We hope to be able to present our brief to the Commissioners and, if necessary, answer their questions.

On December 11, 2019, the QASCC submitted the brief to the Special Commission on the Rights of the Child and Youth Protection.

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Mémoire pour la Commission spéciale sur les droits des enfants et la protection de la jeunesse