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The Special Care Counsellor plays a key role notably in the field of mental health and in human relations. They actively participate in the social integration process, by promoting the rehabilitation of the person in need. Their specific field of intervention leads them to intervene on a daily basis with diverse clienteles, including the ones that are most vulnerable. The main objective is to promote their client’s development, the recovery of their skills and the resumption of their lifestyle, so that they reach an optimal level of rehabilitation.

To be a Special Care Counsellor means to work in the field and is passionate about the quality of life of their clients.


Whether you work in the public sector, community work, in private practice or if you are currently seeking employment, the QASCC is there to help you and represent you throughout the province of Quebec.

DSince its creation in September of 2012, the association's mission is to promote and defend the interests of Special Care Counselling in Quebec. It is the only association for Special Care Counsellors that is recognized by the Quebec government

The QASCC looks over the interests of its members and provides them access to a variety of exclusive benefits and services aimed to answer their needs, regardless of their field. The association is actively working to attain recognition of the profession through a project dedicated to creating a professional order.


The QASCC presents this document, which is an abridged version of the Competency Framework developed by Éduconseil Inc. on behalf of the Association. The production of the Competency Framework is an integral part of a QASCC project to reach a level of excellence of professional practice in the field of specialized education.

Indeed, the Association wishes to have at its disposal an official document which presents the profession in a rigorous, realistic and complete way and which, in doing so, will constitute a precious reference to realize its mission as a professional association as well as to accompany its members in the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities. The Association also hopes that the Competency Framework will serve as a benchmark in the context of the creation of a professional order dedicated to the profession.

You can now download your copy of the abridged version of the Competency Framework.

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Private Practice          

The association created a private practice section in order to facilitate the workload for the Special Care Counsellors who wish to develop their private practice. The creation of legal documents, progress notes as well as the Private Practice Startup Guide allows our members to properly organize their practice. These documents are available to our members in the Member Zone, for all members in question. Our legal consultant has ensured that the materials provided are in line with governmental laws. Your insurance policy renewal must be done before January 1st, 2021 in order to be insured for the year. To benefit from the professional and/or commercial liability insurance, you must provide proof of certification in Special Care Counselling in your member profile. After submitting your request, we will provide you with the subscription form for the insurance policy.


Membership rates for private practice

Professional Liability Insurance (January 1st - December 31, 2021)

Here are the premiums including tax and fees:

Errors & Omissions / $1M premium: $295.25

Errors & Omissions / $2M premium: $349.75

E&O and Liability / $1M premium (total): $404.25

E&O & Liability / $2M premium (total): $486.00