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The Quebec Week of Special Care Counsellors


As part of Quebec Week 2023, Mr. Claude Legault emphasizes the importance of the professional contribution of special care counsellors in the daily lives of vulnerable people.

Click HERE to view his message (in french only).

Claude Legault is a Quebec actor and screenwriter.

He has collaborated on several projects, including the youth series In a galaxy near you, the Minuit, le soir series, the 19-2 series and the youth program Le Club des 100 watts.

In the film 10 ½ by Podz, Mr. Legault had the chance to play the role of Gilles Séguin, a special care counsellor working in a youth center. 

By clicking HERE, you can view the trailer for this film (in french only).


There are over 15,000 Special Care Counsellors in Quebec and our services are gaining recognition by the general population. They promote our professional skill set as well as the various diverse roles we have. 

This week also serves to develop a sense of belonging and pride for Special Care Counselling professionals.

Promoting our Profession

We have been working in multiple sectors (public, community and private) for over 50 years. We play key roles, particularly in the field of mental health and human relations. In a context of full social participation, we are actively working in the process of social integration of the person. Our specific field of intervention leads us to intervene on a daily basis with the most diverse and vulnerable clienteles. We would like to take the opportunity during this week to emphasize the importance of our role in the field.

Promotional Poster

To celebrate the event and to allow Special Care Counsellors to show their pride, the QASCC will create an official poster available each year. Organizations will be able to download this poster to promote this week dedicated to Special Care Counselling professionals.


An Overview of the Previous Special Care Counsellor Weeks


SCC Week 2022:

Click HERE to download the official 2022 poster #1

Click HERE to download the official 2022 Facebook #1

Click HERE to download the official 2022 poster #2

Click HERE to download the official 2022 Facebook #2


SCC Week 2021:

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For this 5th edition of SCC Week, we are pleased to have the testimony of the actress and director Louise Proulx.

Mrs. Proulx has played multiple acting roles in theatrical productions (Parole d'or, silence d'argent (2013-2020), Pas de vacances pour les anges (2012-2019)), on television (District 31 (2020), Unité 9 (2018), Les Bougon : C'est aussi ça la vie (2003)), and in movies (La Bolduc (2018), Polytechnique (2008), Elles étaient Cinq (2003)).

During the pandemic, Mrs. Proulx taught in schools in the greater Montreal area. She worked with many Special Care Counsellors on a daily basis and she wanted to personally thank them for their great dedication to young people with adjustment difficulties.

Click HERE to watch the video of Mrs. Proulx's testimony. (English captions available)


SCC Week 2020:

Click HERE to download the official 2020 poster.

Your Board of Directors has prepared a video to mark the beginning of this 2020 SCC Week. Click HERE to watch the video. (English captions available)

You can download the secondary posters by simply clicking on the poster:



SCC Week 2019:

During SCC Week in 2019, Philippe Laprise highlights the work of Special Care Counsellors.

A review of the various posters related to the 7 values during SCC Week 2019.

SCC Week 2018:

Ms. Guylaine Tremblay highlights the work of Special Care Counsellors. Click HERE to view her message.


SCC Week 2017:

Launch of the first SCC week. Your Association has taken this initiative to allow professionals in Special Care Counselling to highlight all the good work done with the most vulnerable clienteles in our society.

Mr. Charle Lafortune was our first spokesperson to highlight our work. Click HERE to view his message.

A Ministerial Statement

Members of the Board of Directors were present at the National Assembly in Quebec City (blue room) to make the first SCC week official. Véronyque Tremblay, MNA for Chauveau and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Living, will make the announcement in the House. Click HERE to view her message.