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Are you hiring or recruiting a Special Care Counsellor?
Here's what you need to know.

What is a Special Care Counsellor?

Special Care Counsellors (SCCs) are professionals who work with people or groups of people of all ages who may have various special needs or circumstances. SCCs work in the field of mental health, in the health and social services sector, in community organizations and in schools. They work to help assess the needs of the individual(s), develop and apply an intervention plan and will intervene according to their specific needs. 

SCCs work to help people by improving their skills, promoting their independence and improving their overall quality of life.

What does a Special Care Counsellor do?

  • They observe and evaluate the areas of need, the skills, the lifestyle and the behaviours demonstrated by the person.
  • They develop and establish an intervention plan according to the needs of the person or group.
  • They collect data and keep the person's file up to date by writing up progress notes.
The Special Care Counselling profession is well structured. The SCC has an obligation to draft an intervention plan for each client as part of a planned intervention process. In addition, all SCCs that are members of the QASCC must adhere to the Code of Conduct.




Towards a Professional
Order in Special Care Counselling.

This oversight of the profession is currently at a turning point with the project to establish a professional order. The AEESQ filed an official application to the Office des professions on September 8, 2017.

The main purpose of a professional order is to protect the public. It ensures that professionals provide services that meet the required standards of quality and integrity.

Members of professional orders all have a reserved title. The Special Care Counselling profession deserves this framework and recognition.



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Reach a vast community of Special Care Counsellors looking for employment by posting your offer on our website. The QASCC only publishes job offers for Special Care Counsellors.

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General information

Competency Framework Related to the Practice of the Profession

The QASCC presents this abridged version of the Competency Framework created by Éduconseil Inc. for the Association. The creation of the Competency Framework related to the practice of the Special Care Counselling profession in Quebec is an essential part of a QASCC project which aims to promote excellence in the field of special education.

The association worked to produce an official document that presents the profession in a realistic and complete way and that would serve as an essential reference to accomplish its mission as a professional association as well as to support its members through their professional responsibilities. The Association also wishes that the Competency Framework serves as a guide in the context of the creation of a professional order dedicated to the profession.

You can now download your copy of the competency framework.


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