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an Order?

The QASCC has been working since 2012 to create a professional order in Special Care Counselling.

  • To sustain the profession
  • To maintain our professional achievements
  • To acquire new fields of practice
  • To create a structured practice
  • To promote and publicize the profession
  • To protect the public

A Look Into the Profession

Since the second half of the twentieth century, important actions have been put forward on a daily basis by Special Care Counsellors to help people with social maladjustments who were in need of psychosocial rehabilitation. SCCs have addressed social difficulties by proposing significant actions adapted to the different realities of these individuals of all ages, with the objectives of social reintegration or optimal development of their adaptive capacities in mind. 

These essential services are aimed at people most often among those considered to be the most vulnerable in society. They require increased levels of knowledge, expertise and accountability because they are likely to cause serious harm if poorly supervised or delivered by people lacking the necessary knowledge and skills. In the absence of a structure with the legal scope to propose solutions or actions, current solutions remain incomplete or partially satisfactory.

That is why, in light of all the data collected in the field, after analyzing the prejudices experienced by people who have received the services of SCCs and, especially, the unfortunate tendency of people practicing with an SCC title without having the required certification (which is the biggest source of complaints handled by the QASCC), we believe that Quebec must, without delay, propose a legal framework to ensure the full and complete protection of all clienteles receiving services from SCCs. We must guarantee Quebeckers that only qualified professionals can practice in the field of special education.

The Competency Framework: An Essential Document

The QASCC presents this document, which is an abridged version of the Competency Framework developed by Éduconseil Inc. on behalf of the Association. The production of the Competency Framework is an integral part of a QASCC project to reach a level of excellence of professional practice in the field of specialized education.

Indeed, the Association wishes to have at its disposal an official document which presents the profession in a rigorous, realistic and complete way and which, in doing so, will constitute a precious reference to realize its mission as a professional association as well as to accompany its members in the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities. The Association also hopes that the Competency Framework will serve as a benchmark in the context of the creation of a professional order dedicated to the profession.

You can now download your copy of the abridged version of the Competency Framework.

What is
a Professional

A professional Order has a mission to ensure the protection of the public, the quality of professional services and the development of the profession. 

It is an organization governed by law and to which the state delegates the power to regulate the access and the exercise of a profession in order to guarantee the competent and integrated execution of activities deemed risky which characterize it.

In return for the privilege granted to the members of the order to be the sole person be entitled to bear one title and, if necessary, exclusivity on certain acts, the constitution in professional order implies important responsibilities, prerogatives and constraints intended to protect the public.

What is NOT
a Professional

  • A group of people that have similar work tasks and responsibilities.
  • A professional association or a workers union that collectively defends the social and economic interests and working conditions of its members.

Project Progress

The QASCC would like to share a progress report regarding the Order Project.
Would you like to know more about the progress of the project? Contact us



January 22, 2021

Meeting with the team of the Minister responsible for the professional law enforcement and Minister of Higher Education. 


October 8, 2020

Submitting the inventory and evaluation of the risks of harm that may be caused by the interventions of special care counsellors with the Office des professions du Québec.


March 9, 2020

The QASCC started working on the document regarding the assessment of the risk of harm. 


February 27, 2019
Submitted the Competency Framework to the "Office des professions du Québec".


December 14, 2018
The QASCC completed the creation of the Competency Framework in collaboration with the ÉduConseil team.


May 2, 2018
The QASCC continues discussions with Mrs. Lise Horth so that ÉduConseil can provide an estimate of the work to redact the Competency Framework.


April 4, 2018
The QASCC continues to work on the questionnaire needed to collect data on the risk of harm with the participation of Mr. Jean Lepage.


December 19, 2017
Sent the first version of the questionnaire to collect data on the risk of harm with our legal counsel.


December 7, 2017
The QASCC meets with a legal counsel to establish a work plan to meet the requirements of the "Office des professions du Québec".


November 21, 2017
A meeting is set with the ÉduConseil team in Montreal.


November 16, 2017
The "Office des professions" asks to further complete the request made from the QASCC.


October 26, 2017
The QASCC receives a response from the "Office des professions" informing the Board that the request is undergoing a preliminary review.


September 8, 2017
The QASCC sends an official request to the "Office des professions du Québec" to establish a creation of a professional order in Special Care Counselling.