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Code of Conduct

A code of conduct should contain explicit general principles combined with specific rules of conduct that set reasonable expectations and provide a basis for making informed decisions.

Quebec's major terminological dictionary defines ethics as "the set of rules and duties that govern a profession, the conduct of those who practice it, and the relationship between them and their clients or the public. Rules of good conduct constituting the morals of a profession".

According to the Office des professions, the purpose of a code of conduct is to establish standards of conduct. The purpose of this framework is to prevent certain behaviours that could lead to a loss of public confidence. For this reason, ethical rules are intended to minimise the possibility of misunderstandings about what is acceptable behaviour. It also informs us that other organizations, other than professional orders, may adopt a Code of Conduct. Lobbyists, the Chambre de la sécurité financière, claims adjusters, Régie du logement regulators, police officers and members of the National Assembly have adopted a code of conduct.

You can now download your copy of the Code of Conduct.